Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage

When you’re ready to feel better, Rasa’s therapeutic bodywork and Massage  can help speed your body’s own healing process.

Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage promotes healing and energy alignment as well as providing holistic benefits in your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Rasa Willis, LMT incorporates ancient, as well as contemporary techniques to promote holistic health and healing.



   Virtual Rasa’s Intuitive Body Therapy     

Virtual Rasa’s Intuitive  Body Therapy gives you many of the same benefits as massage therapy – just from a distance. The focus is on your body’s energetics and emotions, which can be a source of stagnation and restriction of your energy flow that may eventually lead to physical symptoms.  By removing and addressing them, we restore energy flow and the body gets back into a healthy balance. Leave a session feeling balanced, and at ease and peace!


            Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage Rates

 30 minute massage           $60
 60 minute massage           $105
 75 minute massage           $130
 90 minute massage           $145
120 minute massage          $200

           Virtual Rasa’s Intuitive Body Therapy Rates

 60 minute virtual healing by phone or Skype     $95

 30 minute virtual healing by phone or Skype     $60

 15 minutes virtual healing by phone or Skype.   $40

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