I have had both in-person massage treatment as well energy alignment over the phone.  Rasa is an incredibly gifted individual. Not only does she genuinely care about your well-being, but she is more in-tune with the body than anyone I have ever met.  Her ability to read the body and its energy is unparalleled. Often, I will visit with her and she will know what physical or emotional ailment I am facing without me even saying anything.  She then brings peace and healing through touch or energy alignment. Each session I have with her, I leave more at peace and with a feeling of fullness deep in my soul. I would highly recommend any of Rasa’s services.  Her kindness, care, knowledge, and expertise are incredible.


        I found Rasa through a Chance meeting. Sense then I schedule virtual sessions with Rasa when I am feeling out of sorts, emotional, and can’t quite seem to shake it, or have other body issues not being resolved though more mainstream therapies. She is an energetic maverick. After talking and receiving a healing I feel much more grounded, at ease, and happier. I live out of state and don’t often have the opportunity to see Rasa in person. On occasion I do travel to Portland and when I do I make sure to schedule an appointment with her. All my muscles relax. It truly was a magical experience! Massage therapy with intuitive body work. I’m a whole new person! 


        I was referred to Rasa years ago. I have been to MANY massage therapists over the years. She is one of the best body workers I have ever gone to. She is so intuitive! As she unwinds the muscles, she is also clearing the channels in the body. I now live on the other side of the country. I have been lucky to continue getting treatment from her through phone appointments. My muscles still unwind, my mind relaxes and I feel an energetic cleanse and upgrade. Rasa is wonderful!!! 

  -Dr. Candida Schwartz, ND

          Rasa is a gifted multilevel healer. She has worked on my body while using her intuition to move  stuck energy. I always feel healed, relaxed, cared for after a treatment from Rasa. I have recommended people to her over the years and hear the same review. After a virtual session with Rasa I felt relaxed and tingly. It was a different experience and healing on another level.